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(It is SJARA policy to object, when necessary, to planning proposals that seem likely to have an adverse effect on residents in the St John's area, whether or not they are physically within the area. We do not intervene in disputes between neighbours)

    All England Lawn Tennis Club: plans to develop Wimbledon Park

    Wimbledon College playing field: 15 metre floodlights, 5 metre fencing, extended operating hours

    Plans to erect 12 storey tower block in St George's Road


What's in a name? 

The Swan pub at the top of Thornton Road, which was relaunched as "The Rushmere" at the beginning of March, was nearly branded "The Cavendish".

Greene King, the owner, planned to name the pub "The Cavendish" in honour of Henry Cavendish Jones, who apparently in the 19th century played some part in forming the rules of the modern game of tennis. He was also involved in developing the rules of Whist.

After diligent enquiries the SJARA Committee established that no-one had heard of this gentleman, far less his middle name. The Committee suggested several alternatives and the one chosen by Greene King (or more accurately, its subsidiary The Metropolitan Pub Company) was "The Rushmere".